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CANCELED: Abbie Falls, Athe (PL/UK) + guest


Sunday 10.4.2022, 19:00


250 CZK in presale / 300 CZK at doors

presale via GoOut


Abbie Falls (Deathcore)
Abbie Falls is a 5 piece band from Prague, Czech Republic. We´ve been together since early 2018, the year we dropped our first single – It Ends Tonight. Since that, we have grown not only as a band, but also as individuals. We love to play our own music, no rules, no patterns, just pure aggression with some heart in it. Our lyrics reflect our everyday struggle not only with the world around us, but in our own heads as well. Our debut EP – No One’s Above, No One´s Below is out. You can expect fast riffs, breakdowns and blast beats for days. Second EP called Hell is Other People is on the way with Parasite being the first single from the EP.

Athe (Industrial metalcore/Trap metal)
This six piece group that was born from the Greek goddess of ruin Até ( Ancient Greek: Ἄτη) descended from the Olymp to become a messiahs and to preach the word of the venerable ancient gods.

The messengers started their musical journey in mid 2021 with their debut offering ‘I Hope You Die’ alongside Drew Fulk’s production blessing and Ricky Armellino’s (Ice Nine Kills/HAWK) guest vocal performance. Quickly after that they fulfilled Até’s first will by releasing their debut EP called ‘Atychia’. Their almighty debut resonated with a big echo on the local scene which was revealed on their first Adoration alongside other reputable local artists.

Following Até’s second will the group has moved away from their early works and became a modern hybrid of instrumental, electronic and dark trap music, as seen in their latest Offering titled ‘V010’ and was even more evident in the next one, ‘LIMBO’, which appeared in the first week of December 2021 with Depth Strida and Kyle Strang (If I Were You) participation.

Next single will be released on January/February 2022 in collaboration with trap metal/dark trap artist ghostofblu. And this is just the beginning. Até bless.