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Acres (UK), Skywalker (CZ), Chiefland (DE), Lighthouse Keeper


Monday 11.9.2023, 19:05


390 CZK in presale / 450 at doors

presale via GoOut

BrainWave Production states: British band Acres returns to the Czech Republic after 3 years as part of the ‘BURNING THRONE TOUR 2023’ and Skywalker and Chiefland will join them on tour! Lighthouse Keeper will also be joining the line-up at the Prague stop.

Following the incredible success and admiration brought by their stunning 2019 debut ‘Lonely World’, a record that managed to use melody and melancholy to devastatingly beautiful effect, Acres find themselves playing the biggest shows of their career to date. But with the events of 2020 unfolding and the world around them suddenly feeling so uncertain, they had to decide what to do next. Rather than rushing into something they didn’t fully believe in, they closed in on themselves and carefully crafted something that would not only represent where they were, but also where they wanted to end up. In early 2023, Acres returned with a new album, “Burning Throne,” a crushing and cathartic sophomore effort that showcased the band’s heaviest, most melodic and penetrating material to date.

Czech post-hardcore band Skywalker was founded in 2010 in Prague and consists of four members. The frontman is Honza Kučera (vocals) and the other members are Tom (bass guitar), David (guitar, vocals) and Damián (drums). The first years of their activity were focused more on the domestic audience, where they gained mainly fans of modern rock-metal music. In their work, they deal with themes such as equality, mental health or vegan and vegetarian diet, which is quite unusual for a band of this calibre.