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Head of booking & production
Šimon Blaschko
[email protected]

Production crew
Šimon Šilhan
[email protected]

Klara Kierzkowska
[email protected]

Magdalena Krumplová
[email protected]


Pavel Svoboda
Ing. Michael Pánek

Lukáš Růžek
[email protected]

Address and invoicing details

Rock Café
Nový horizont spol. s r.o.
Národní 20, 110 00 Praha 1
+420 775 207 205
IČO: 40767329
DIČ: CZ 40767329

Represented: Pavlem Svobodou
and Ing. Michaelem Pánkem

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday 13:00 – 03:00
Friday 13:00 – 04:00
Saturday 17:00 – 04:00
Sunday 17:00 – 01:00



Cult considered pragues club Rock Cafe was from its beginning tightly bound with artist society called New Horizon. This voluntary association had been founded by Jaroslav Zajpt, acting like a chairman, followed by V.Chrenovsky, J.Rauser, R.Skokan, P.Zvolensky, J.Simecek, D.Sustr a J.Vondracek, who were members of coordination board. On the 5th of Janaury 1990 came out the statement of the society and on 22nd took place the general meeting wich set up New Horizon as legally registred agency. Its main goal have been to gather different sorts of artistsand provide them with manager and legal help. Last but not least it have also supported beginning artist groups and interpreters.
Among those related bands were groups like Ticha dohoda, Mercedes, Toyen, Jizní pol etc.
Sampler of the related bands was relased under patronage of New Horizon.
Author of the Rock Café logo – “The Angel of Rock”- is respected artist, Martin Palka, who cooperates for example with Rudoflinum gallery.
Nowadays Rock Café, still owned by New Horizon ltd.,(contemporary company owners are Pavel Svoboda and ing.Michal Panek), one of the most significant and crowded clubs in Prague. Its advantages are placement in the city centre (Narodní 20, 110 00 Praha 1) and its ability to support different kinds of artist events.
Like many pragues clubs Rock Cafe have been recently dealing with the noise problems and therefore all shows had to end before 10 p.m. Nontheless all adjustments of the basement of the clubs are done by now, thanks to the kindness and financial support of the local authority of Prague 1. The reconstruction intoduced the brand new music stage, basement of the club and recently bulit gallery.
The reconsturction brought many inprovements from wich benefits the bands along with the visitors of the club. Most of them will aprecciate not only extended hours, but also the new sound and lighting system, powerful air condition system and original design of the new interior. The new bar right at the auditorium and in the chill out zone, where projections of the shows in progress are possible, also conturbitues to satisfaction of the guests. Another advantege is also the enlarged capacity of the club, wich allows bigger crowd to enjoy the show.
Another interesting venue is built from the former music stage. This allows many new opportunites for the alternative genres like theaters (some of the ensembles are already performing at Rock Cafe) experimental performances, evenings of literature and projections of interesting movies. This allows Rock Café to widen its range and became a truly multicultural venue.


Drink menu

Whiskey 4 cl

Jameson 85 Kč
Jameson CASKMATES 95 Kč
Jameson Black Barrel125 Kč
Four Roses 80 Kč
Ballantine’s 70 Kč
Ballantine’s 12-ti letá 125 Kč
Chivas Regal 125 Kč
Aberlour 12 YO 150 Kč
Glenlivet 12 YO 125 Kč
Glentivet 15 YO 150 Kč
The Deacon 150 Kč
Jack Daniel’s 95 Kč
Laphroaig 10 YO 150 Kč

Rum 4 cl

Havana club Añejo 3 Años 80 Kč
Havana club Añejo Especial 95 Kč
Havana club Añejo 7 Años 125 Kč
La Hechicera 150 Kč
Bumbu 125 Kč
Bumbu XO 150 Kč
Brugal 1888 150 Kč
Ron Zacapa 150 Kč
Ron Diplomatico 125 Kč
El Dorado 125 Kč
Bucanero 80 Kč
Malteco 95 Kč
Captain Morgan Spiced 70 Kč
Republica 80 Kč


Absolut vodka 80 Kč
Beefeater Dry, Pink, Lemon 80 Kč
Malfly Gin 125 Kč
Bombay Sapphire 85 Kč
Metaxa 5* 90 Kč
Metaxa 12* 125 Kč
Olmeca Tequila Blanco 90 Kč
Olmeca Tequila Repos. 90 Kč
Martell v. s. 125 Kč
Ramska slivovice 80 Kč
Ramska meruňkovice 80 Kč
Calvados 70 Kč
Absinth 95 Kč
Božkov Tuzemský 58 Kč


Becherovka 65 Kč
Becherovka Lemond 65 Kč
Jägermeister 80 Kč
Fernet 58 Kč
Božkov Peprmint 58 Kč
Malibu 70 Kč
Kahlúa 80 Kč
Sambuca 80 Kč
Sande. Sherry Medi. Dry 70 Kč
Sandeman Ruby Porto 70 Kč
Baileys 70 Kč


Rock Fire 198 Kč
Cuba Libre 140 Kč
Gin Tonic 140 Kč
Extáze 140 Kč
Gin Fizz 140 Kč
Tequila Sunrise 150 Kč
Skinny Bitch 140 Kč
Vodka Red Bull 175 Kč
Watermelon BullGin 175 Kč
Jagermeister Red Bull 175 Kč


Cinzano 1dcl70 Kč
Campari 4cl / 58 Kč


Red, wine 2 dcl 58 Kč
Porto Ruby 4 cl 70 Kč
Sekt 0,7 l 280 Kč
Wine 0,7 l - daily offer 260 Kč

Draft beer

Budvar 33 0,5 l 59 Kč
Budvar Kroužek 0,5 l 65 Kč
Budvar dark 0,5 l 65 Kč
Brewdog Punk IPA 0,4 l 105 Kč
Tatův sad (cider) 0,3 l 65 Kč
Craft beer - daily offer 80 Kč

Bottled beer

Budvar Non-alco 0,5 l 60 Kč
Craft beer 0,7 l 150 Kč
Tatův sad (cider) 0,33 l 70 Kč
Corona extra 0,33 l 90 Kč

Non-alcoholic drinks

Coca Cola drafted 0,3 l 60 Kč
Tonic 0,3 l 60 Kč
Juice 0,3 l 60 Kč
Coca cola bottled 0,33 l 60 Kč
Fanta bottled 0,33 l 60 Kč
Sprite bottled 0,33 l 60 Kč
Natura bottled 0,25 l 46 Kč
Home-made limonade 0,5 l 60 Kč
Soda 0,1 l 15 Kč
Kinley bottled 0,25 l 60 Kč
Ice Tea bottled 0,2 l 60 Kč
Club Maté 0,33 l 69 Kč
Red Bull Energy Drink 0,25 l 95 Kč
Red Bull Sugarfree 0,25 l 95 Kč
Red Bull Tropical 0,25l 95 Kč

Hot beverages

Rock Café original mix roasters DOUBLESHOT Espresso 60 Kč
Cappuccino 69 Kč
Latte macchiato 69 Kč
Turkish coffee 60 Kč
Tea 60 Kč



8,6 m width
3,7 + 0,6 m depth
2,2 m clearance
0,7 m height of the stage


System Adamson SpekTrix plus subwoofers EAW SB1000z
Amplifiers Lab.gruppen
Processors XTA


Mix Behringer X32 – 32 XLR mic / line Inputs, 8 Stereo FX returns, 16 Mix busses, 6 Matrix busses
with insert, 6 Mute groups, 8 DCA groups, 16 XLR outputs, 6 AUX inputs: 6.3 mm jack (optional 2
via RCA), 6 AUX Out: 6.3 mm Jack (optional 2 via RCA), AES / EBU stereo digital output
all processors and effects are internal

Stage Monitors

4x QUBE QM 115 full range, 2-way bass reflex floor monitor system


2x SHURE Beta 58A

4x SENNHEISER e604 – clip
4x SHURE PG56 – clip
2x AKG C1000 MK4

DI Box

4x DI-100 – active, mono
2x ART dPDB – passive, stereo
1x BSS AR133 – active, mono

Microphone Stands

XLR Cables



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