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ICP divadlo: In Time Machines – I Want to Live


Sobota 10.12.2022, 18:00


vstup zdarma

„In Time Machines – I want to live” is a play created by the English Theatre Club, an initiative organized by the Integration Centre Prague (ICP). Integration Centre Prague is an NGO founded by the Municipality of Prague which helps foreigners integrate into Czech society. The performance is in English language and it’s suitable for adults and children (of all ages).
Imagine finding a time-traveling machine in your basement that can take you back to your country but in 2222, 200 years in the future. What would happen then? And what if you would also discover that machines were living normally among us in the future? Ti and Ziana’s time traveling will allow us to re-discover Italy, Spain, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. The audience will learn more about the traditions and languages of these countries and imagine the impact these might have on future generations.