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ZRUŠENO: EN stand-up: Czechmates! A comedy show about life in the Czech Republic


Sobota 4.12.2021, 19:00


250 Kč

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Leave it to an Italian, a South African, a Mexican, an American, and an Irish to tell you why and how life in the Czech Republic is so funny! 🤣🇮🇹😂🇿🇦🤣🇲🇽😂🇺🇲🤣🇮🇪😂🇨🇿

Come see the show that has taken Prague and Brno by storm as we rock the legendary, the one and only ROCK CAFE one of Prague’s favorite and most famous venues. 💪🔥🔥✅✅

So if you’re Czech, come along and find out why this country is so great, and if you’re a foreigner living here, come and join in the fun of all the weird and wonderful things this country has to offer! 🍻🤷🤦🇨🇿🤣

The show will feature the terrific and equally hilarious acts of:
✅Debbie Liebenberg (South Africa) Opening the first half
✅José Carlos Moreno (Mexico) Closing the first half
Facebook and YouTube: Jose Moreno Comedian
✅Sean Riordain (USA) Opening the second half
Facebook: Sean Reardon Comedy
✅And Luke Ryan (Ireland) Headlining the show
✅Your Host for the evening will be Carmine Rodi (Italy)
Facebook: Carmine Rodi Stand Up Comedian